Youth are a priority group for UNESCO, youth engagement and empowerment are emphasized in UNESCO strategic documents – C/5C/4UNESCO Operational Strategy on Youth – and throughout UNESCO programmes. Young people play important role in sustainability and peacebuilding. They are essential actors and change-makers, ready to take action and leadership, to find solutions and to tackle the issues of today and of the future.

Further information on UNESCO Youth Programme can be found here and UNESCO Youth Facebook page here.

Youth engagement by Estonian National Commission for UNESCO

Estonian National Commission for UNESCO (ENC UNESCO) keeps contact with youth interested in UNESCO programmes and topics in Estonia. ENC UNESCO has a youth group comprised of about 10 young people aged 17-24, who are engaged in the Commission’s activities. The youth engagement by ENC UNESCO is voluntary-based and mainly built upon Estonian UNESCO ASPnet. The youth involved in the activities are often previous participants of ASPnet educational activities in Estonia and each year one to two new members join the group.

ENC UNESCO engages youth in relevant discussions and youth are welcome to contribute to the work of the Commission with their ideas, knowledge, enthusiasm and actions. Youth contributes to the development of youth policy papers and planning and design of youth related activities of the Commission, participate in local and international UNESCO-related youth events and meetings, and organize events and workshops for school students within Estonian ASPnet annual plan and activities.

Model UN Program

The main contribution of youth to ENC UNESCO activities is the organizing of annual Estonian Model UN (EstMUN) programme. Developed in 2011, the Program consists of a preparation seminar for local high school students, three one-day mini-models in Estonian schools and an international three-day Model UN event. The international event takes place in April and welcomes participants from the countries around the Baltic Sea and elsewhere in Europe. EstMUN programme is co-designed and co-organised by the youth and Estonian ASPnet coordinator from NGO Mondo. EstMUN themes are selected by organizers based on current UN, UNESCO and Estonian foreign policy and development cooperation priorities. Since 2015, the selection of themes has issued, among other, from UN Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030 has been one of the focus points.

If you are interested in the youth related activities of ENC UNESCO, please contact our Commission: